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Barbara Stanley

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From Warren in NSW, Barbara began her career as an artist with the conception of the art collective the Ngemba Wailwan Artist Initiative in 2009. Since starting, Barbara has grown in her skills and her exploration in the use of the traditional markings of her people, the Ngemba Wailwan. Barbara has used this as a source of inspiration as well as using her own experiences, thoughts and feelings to create artworks. Barbara uses colours that are inspired from the earth, trees and surrounding areas where she lives as well as the tree carvings and ground markings of her ancestors. Her works are created on Belgian linen using oil paints.

Along with Mary Kennedy, Barbara led art camps in painting and weaving at the 2011 & 2012 Moorambilla Voices Camps.

For more information regarding workshops and works by Barbara phone (04) 1704-0019 or email

See below for examples of Barbara’s work


All artwork is copyright to the artist. Any reproductions without the artists consent will be seen in breach of copyright. To contact the artist phone 68 222 484

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