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Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh

Kevin Welsh with artworkA proud Wailwan man, Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh is from Coonamble. Removed from his family when he was just a boy, Sooty grew up in Kellyville, Sydney. It was there that he enrolled in a wood carving course, as well as a ceramic course and got a feel for the arts.
Dedicated to exploring his cultural heritage through painting, ceramics, woodwork and photography, Sooty creates his works in reference to his identity, country stories and Wailwan ancient marks and tree carvings.

Sooty’s works have featured at the Outback Arts Gallery in Coonamble and Kerri-Lowe Gallery at Newtown, Sydney in the Banal Badu Guwiyang (Earth, Water, Fire) exhibition in 2015. Just recently, the annual Art Unlimited exhibition which was held in Dunedoo in May of 2016, saw Sooty win the Orana Arts Indigenous Artist Prize and a Highly Commended for his piece “Wailwan Eagle Man”. 

“The main field I am focusing on lately is ceramics. My culture influences the pieces I create and the marks I make on them. Although I have created many pieces with wood and painted/photographed things before, there is something about working with clay that excites me. Nine times out of ten it isn’t what you imagined it to be and there is something special in that”

"Wailwan Eagle Man"

“Wailwan Eagle Man”

'Wailwan Carvings'. Ironbark vessel by Sooty Welsh

“Wailwan Carvings” Ironbark vessel


“Bee” by Sooty Welsh

coolamon mugs

Mugs inspired by traditional Coolamons

Coolamons by Sooty Welsh

Coolamons by Sooty Welsh

Photo by Sooty Welsh at Lightning Ridge, NSW

Photo by Sooty Welsh at Lightning Ridge, NSW

All artwork is copyright to the artist. Any reproductions without the artists consent will be seen in breach of copyright. To contact the artist phone 68 222 484

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