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Bourke Country

Gundabooka rock art ~ Bourke Shire

Gunderbooka rock art ~ Bourke Shire

*Gunderbooka is a National Park and State Conservation Area located about 70 kilometres from Bourke. It is rich in history with Aboriginal rock art spanning the walls of the rock formations that make up the park.

The town of Bourke is situated in north-west NSW alongside the banks of the Darling River. Aboriginal people had inhabited the land around Bourke for thousands of years prior to white settlement, the Ngemba people being the traditional occupants.

With the Ngemba living on the east bank of the Darling River, another group; the Yuwaalaraay, lived on the opposing west side. Bourke now is home to up to 20 different language groups including Wanggamurr, Barkindji and Murrawari.

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