Living Arts and Culture is a place to promote and celebrate indigenous arts and cultures in the far west region of NSW.

Aboriginal Arts Development

The employment of Aboriginal Art Officers (AAO) and the associated  AAO program in the Outback Arts region has created greater social inclusion and assisted with the cultural revival, increased confidence and pride in the community’s Indigenous heritage. This program has assisted the development of artistic skills as well as the creation of arts and cultural opportunities such as exhibitions and workshops, identification of employment opportunities and development of marketing platforms.

Aboriginal Arts Officers are available to facilitate Indigenous arts and cultural workshops in various art mediums.

Currently, programs and postions within Outback Arts are being restructured according to changes in funding.
More information will be made available as soon it comes to hand.

Contact Details:

Fleur Stubbs, Aboriginal Art Officer (Warren)
To contact Fleur e:  or phone 0418 402 789 

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