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Samantha Turnbull

10398618_1089837094509_6720887_nSam Turnbull is a local Weilwan/Gamilaraay woman from Coonamble.

Sam’s professional background is mostly in Aboriginal languages; she has previously worked in South West and South East Qld trying to keep local languages alive in communities and recently has moved back to Coonamble, bringing her new skills and knowledge with her. Sam’s passion for her culture has come from her family; gaining knowledge and stories from them, because of this she has been able to further develop a passion for reviving local languages. Sam’s family has been her driving force in encouraging her higher education and her love for her hometown and family is what has brought her back to Coonamble. Sam aims to engage and give back to her community, encouraging the revival of local culture in the younger generation.

Sam’s artistic background is mostly in the form of painting and drawing which has been inspired by her culture and family stories. Although Sam’s mother is an active Weaving artist, Sam has only recently learnt Weaving skills through her position as RICDO (2013-2015) at Outback Arts and their partnership with the Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Culture Studio. The Weaving Across the Outback Master class tour has left Sam with a newfound love and skill of traditional weaving.

“Making art is something I’ve always done from a young age. It’s something I like to do and it expresses who I am. I like drawings, sketching and weaving. My environment and landscape inspires me and my Aboriginal Wailwan culture as well as my family. They are who I am.”

mat woven by sam turnbull

Woven Mat. Natural Fibres (grass & reeds)

woven basket sam turnbull

Woven basket

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