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Su Hely

Sand and the Castlereagh by Su Hely
Sand & The Castlereagh  (2011)

“As a younger artist I was interested in the political themes and social justice. I executed large scale wood blocks with images and text.
I became a lawyer so that I could afford to be an artist. Social justice became what I did all day every day as I travelled through the landscape to and from court in the North West of NSW between Dubbo and Lightning Ridge. I returned to oil painting in 2006 after a long absence, when I was living in Townsend Street Coonamble. I wanted to express the awe I felt about this landscape. I am completely in love with this country.  I want you to feel what I see. I hear people say that the land out here is empty.  It is so full of life force, spirits and energy and that is what I want to capture.”

Su is a practising Aboriginal artist who also works as a lawyer in Coonamble. She words solely in abstract art, aiming to challenge the creative boundaries as to what defines ‘Aboriginal’ art.

Also a musician and songwriter, her latest album “Fingers in the Dirt” is out now and will be officially launched in November, 2016.

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