Living Arts and Culture is a place to promote and celebrate indigenous arts and cultures in the far west region of NSW.

The Indigenous tribal boundaries within the Outback Arts (shires of Bourke, Cobar, Coonamble, Walgett and Warren) region are diverse. Within each local government shire there are several tribal regions. Due to white settlement the original tribal history of many smaller aboriginal tribes was suppressed. Dispossession and the development of Aboriginal missions have meant a great deal of the original history and language has been lost. However, work continues in communities to re-educate and revive the unique culture that remains.

Cobar Shire
In the Cobar Shire the main tribal group are the Ngiyampaa/Wangaapuwan.

Bourke Shire.
The Bourke Shire region is the home of the Ngemba, Gurnu (Kurnu) and Murrawarri peoples.

Walgett Shire
The primary tribes within the Walgett Shire are the Gamilaraay (Kamilaroi), Yuwaalaraay and Ngayiimbaa nations.

Coonamble Shire
The Coonamble district incorporates the tribal boundaries of three tribes – the Kawambarai, the Weilwan and the Gamilaroi.

Warren Shire
The Warren Shire primarily incorporates the the two tribes Ngemba and Wailwan (also Weilwen).