Living Arts and Culture is a place to promote and celebrate indigenous arts and cultures in the far west region of NSW.

Coonamble Country

It is believed that the township of Coonamble was formed on the traditional grounds of the Weilwan people. The Weilwan … read more

Cobar Country

The Cobar area has been managed and occupied by Aboriginal people for at least 40,000 years. The area falls within … read more

John McBride

John grew up and has lived in Coonamble all his life. He has been making art for as long as he remembers … read more

Aboriginal Arts Development

The employment of Aboriginal Art Officers (AAO) and the associated  AAO program in the Outback Arts region has created greater … read more

Creating Your Artist Profile

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a summary of yourself, your professional experience and works to date.It is important that when … read more

Where the Two Rivers Meet art group

The Where the Two Rivers Meet art group are a collective of aboriginal artists who meet weekly in Walgett to … read more

Samantha Turnbull

Sam Turnbull is a local Weilwan/Gamilaraay woman from Coonamble. Sam’s professional background is mostly in Aboriginal languages; she has previously … read more

Desert Pea Media visit Walgett and Warren

For the last 14 years, Desert Pea Media (DPM) have been talking and rapping their way around rural and remote communities, … read more