Aaron Mann


Born and bred in Bourke, with family connections from Brewarrina, Forbes, Queensland and Vanuatu, Aaron still calls Bourke home.

“I’ve got a bit of variety in me”.

With ancestral lines to Ngemba and Wiradjuri, Aaron’s grandfather left the Brewarrina Mission to work as, amongst other things, a boxer in Jimmy Sharman’s boxing tent before romantic connections were made and the family gravitated to Bourke.

Growing up in the church ‘scenery’ with his uncle a pastor in the church, music was a key part of Aaron’s upbringing. Always helping out as part of the church bands, he later realised that his musical roots go much deeper.

“A lot of my Dad’s side of the family are musically gifted with strong links back to the South Sea Islander traditions of music – I believe that it goes back a long way”.

For Aaron, being involved in music and the arts is part of the cultural responsibility that just comes from growing up in the environment that he did. Working in the education system, sometimes with behaviourally-challenged kids, he uses what his knows to support his community.

“If music is what helps get these kid’s attention, and helps them develop as a person, then that’s what I really want”.

More study and more development in education, musical and creative arts are key priorities for Aaron, which is good news for the community of Bourke.

“If I can look back and see who I’ve helped out, and where I’ve helped out, then I will have succeeded”.