Stan Lord


Artist Stan Lord now calls Nyngan home, but his story is a journey around Western NSW. Moved from his birth town of Bourke, in the mid fifties, to the Mission at Brewarrina, he later moved onto his grandmother’s country at Walgett.

“A lot of people got moved around back in those days, they lost track of their story”.

Stan has moved around a lot, and learned a lot as he went. He observed his Aunties and Uncles making art when he was young, moving between Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Brewarrina, Coonamble and, ultimately, Nyngan.

“I just like painting. Once I start I just sit there and keep going”.

A quiet observer, Stan doesn’t pinpoint a time when he ‘learned’ his craft, but can easily relate to many memories of seeing, hearing and observing his family making art and telling stories.

“I learned what I learned from other people. When they talk, I just listen – that’s all I do, is listen to other people, that’s how I learn”.

Stan’s paintings hang in many significant regional government buildings such as the Nyngan Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Department of Community Services in Coonabarabran, and the Nyngan Hospital.

“I didn’t do much until I moved here. I was taking care of my grandkids and I just started as a way to pass some time, but people started buying them and so I just kept going”.

Stan’s art style is unique, incorporating all that he has observed and experienced; wood burning, painting on wood, and work on skins enhance his work with acrylic on canvas.

“I’ll keep going as long as I can – as long as I’m still here”.