Jamie Moore


Jamie Moore grew up in Bourke, and is known in the town for his skilful Aboriginal artworks. He’s a part of a number of community projects, hosts workshops on creating indigenous tools and paintings, and makes beautiful art in his own time.

With roots in the Kullilla tribe, from South West Queensland, and the Ngemba tribe, Jamie’s family have a rich cultural history. Jamie’s in-depth understanding of his heritage, particularly in relation to his art, came at his own volition: it wasn’t something he grew up with.

“As I got older, I wanted to explore and feel [what my Aboriginality] was all about”.

Jamie became interested in art during high school, after seeing work by some of his family members. What started out as doing paintings at school, evolved into travelling to towns across the region to learn new skills and techniques, and doing two courses in Aboriginal art.

Today, Jamie’s varied practice includes carving, painting, and replicating traditional artefacts, and his work can be found in homes, schools, galleries and murals around Bourke. With the help of colleague and fellow artist, Brian Smith and 2CUZ radio station,

Jamie was able to establish himself as an artist in the community of Bourke. For Jamie, learning about his cultural heritage is only half of his mission: the other half lies in passing that knowledge on.

“One of my passions is to learn more and teach more. We learn every day, and I continue to learn about culture and share that with young people”.

Jamie realises this passion through his work in alternative education at the local high school, and the numerous workshops he’s been involved with. In the future, however, he hopes to have made a business of teaching young people, and have his own space to do so.